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19. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* black] Pull the fuel filter assembly out of the gas tank.
[* black] There are many connections on the assembly that will restrict you from pulling it out.
[* black] The first thing you'll run into are the electrical connections.
[* black] Pull these off and set them aside. They are going to fall into the tank. You may be able to rest them on something - or you may have to fish them out of the tank later if you lose track of them.
[* black] Notice how these connectors are installed so you can reinstall them later. One is polarized (meaning it can only attach in one direction) - the other is not. I suspect that the non-polarized connector can go on either way without harm - but I wouldn't chance it.
[* black] Pay attention to the direction it is when you take it off so you can reinstall it the same way later.

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