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20. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* black] Remove the fuel lines from the fuel filter assembly.
[* black] There are three lines - you are only removing two of them.
[* black] Remove the two lines that have plastic connectors on the ends.
[* black] Release the connections by pressing in on the plastic tabs similar to the vent hose connection we did in a previous step.
[* black] The large fuel line has two tabs (one on each side) - I was able to squeeze this with my fingers to remove.
[* black] The small fuel line has one tab - I used a screw driver to push that tab in.
[* black] After you push the tab(s) in, pull the fuel line off.
[* black] Again, these are two different sizes so you can't mix them up when you reinstall them (as long as you work on one side at a time like this guide shows).

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