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[* red] Remove the 1.9 mm Phillips screw that secures the battery power connector.
[* icon_caution] Take extreme care when you insert the battery blocker. Insert it gently and straight in the direction of the logic board. Do not twist or swing the pick side to side.
[* black] To disconnect the battery, slide one prong of a Battery Blocker or the tip of an opening pick under the battery power connector to ensure the power circuit is interrupted.
[* icon_note] Don't push the battery blocker underneath the connector with excessive force. If you're having trouble fitting the battery blocker underneath the logic board, you can try [guide|143682|using a playing card|new_window=true] to disconnect the battery instead.
+[* icon_note] Throughout this repair, [product|IF145-167-4|keep track of each screw|new_window=true] and make sure it goes back exactly where it came from to avoid damaging your device.