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+[title] Disconnect the battery
+[* icon_caution] Be careful when you isolate the battery using a battery blocker. The battery contacts are easily bent or broken, resulting in irreversible damage.
+[* black] To disconnect the battery, slide one prong of a battery blocker or the tip of an opening pick under the battery power connector to ensure the power circuit is interrupted.
+ [* icon_note] Don't push the battery blocker underneath the connector with excessive force. If you're having trouble fitting the battery blocker underneath the logic board, you can try [guide|143682|using a playing card|new_window=true] to disconnect the battery instead.
+ [* icon_note] The battery blocker or playing card ideally should slide under the logic board without encountering any blockages.
+[* black] Leave the battery blocker in place as you work.

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