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[* black] Lift the home button bracket starting from the left side.
[* black] Carefully pull it upwards toward the display, making sure not to damage the home button cable.
[* icon_reminder] During reassembly, after installing the home button, you'll need to glue this bracket into place to secure it.
[* black] Scrape off as much of the old adhesive residue as you can, then clean it with acetone or high-concentration (90% or greater) isopropyl alcohol.
[* black] Secure the bracket with a [product|IF145-413|high bond glue|new_window=true], superglue, or [product|IF317-072|high-strength double-sided tape]. Make sure the bracket is aligned correctly before allowing your adhesive to cure, or the home button will not click when pressed.
+ [* icon_note] It may be necessary to use [guide|142291|vise clamps|new_window=true] to hold the bracket in place as the adhesive cures.