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[title] Identify the adhesive strips
[* black] Look over your pre-cut adhesive strips and figure out what they are used for.
[* icon_note] Here are some common adhesives used in a phone repair, and examples of what they may look like:
[* red] Screen or back cover adhesives—usually looks like a thin perimeter band
[* orange] Back cover support adhesives—these will match the contours of components pressed against the back cover
[* yellow] Battery adhesives—normally a rectangular perimeter roughly the shape of the phone's battery
[* green] Component adhesives—they will be contoured to match the various components such as cameras and fingerprint sensors they are designed for
+[* icon_note] You usually want to apply the screen or back cover adhesives last. Be sure to apply all component adhesives beforehand, and if possible, test your repair before sealing up the device.