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Düzenleyen: Arthur Shi

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Arthur Shi


Adım Satırları

+[* black] Hold the exposed strip by its tabs and carefully line up a long edge of the adhesive to the edge of the back cover.
+ [* icon_note] To make adhesive application easier, you can align an unexposed strip to its intended position on the phone, [|then tape one edge down to hold the strip in place|new_window=true]. This will allow you to peel away the plastic liners and expose the adhesive without losing alignment.
+[* black] Set the adhesive onto the surface and press it firmly onto the surface with your fingers.
+[* black] Peel away the colored liner from the adhesive strip to expose the adhesive.
+ [* icon_note] Some adhesive strips may have a clear cling-wrap on top of the colored liner. Peel this off when you remove the colored liner.