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[title] The hard part
[* black] YOu now have to separate the bottom plate from the body, but only enough to replace the dampners.
[* black] Remember to keep all hard objects away from the rotor, damaging the wiring will make this tool a total loss.
[* black] First, I wedged some screwdrivers in between the two alu parts, the body adn the sander plate. Little progress.
[* black] Then, I asked for an extra pair of hands and held the sanding plate by hand and just smacked the !&&* out of the shaft, using a 8/9 mm pipe socket.
[* black] I used something pipe shape, because I did not want to damage the threads on the center bolt, or hit on the bolt, and you need to avoid hitting the outter ring of the bearing, which is likely very tight. The pics somewhere in this guide should give some indication of where/what.
[* black] All you need is 1.5 cm, then you can turn the bottom plate, and it will expose the dampners.