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Düzenleyen: Adam O'Camb

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[* black] We peel away the keyboard backlight to reveal the magic underneath.
[* black] Those silver squares are new, that's what the pinhole/mesh stuff is in step 4
[* black] Our guess is that there are lights along the edges that get diffused through the mesh stuff.
[* black] Also there are some pentalobe P2 screws along the edges of the keyboard, and we hold our breath waiting to see what secures the rest of the keyboard.
[* black] Disappointing but not surprising, the keyboard assembly is riveted down. Though the keyboard might last longer now, it isn't any more repairable than last year's.
[* black] We pry up the keyboard as much as we can with most of it riveted down to see if we can glimpse some of its magic. No magic, but we get a look at the, switch/flexible pcb layer sandwiched between the key and the metal backplate.

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