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[* black] What to do while we're waiting for our iPhone preorder? There must be ''something'' we can take apart...
- [* icon_reminder] Well, we're bound to think of something.
+[* black] Apple was kind enough to ship a lot of folks their new MagSafe charger several days early—including us. It's compatible with all iPhone models capable of wireless charging, but we have a different destiny in mind for ours.
+[* icon_note] Here's our first peek inside—an X-ray view courtesy of [|Creative Electron].
+[* black] This makes for a fun comparison with the ''other'' inductive charging puck Apple makes, for its Apple Watch. You can see a detailed breakdown of its internals [guide|41323|here|stepid=95337].
+[* black] One obvious difference is the dark ring of magnets around the exterior—that's right, there are corresponding magnets in ''both'' the charging puck and the new iPhones. The Apple Watch charger uses but a single magnet in the center.

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