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+[title] Physical destruction: take aim!
+[* black] Take a look at your hard disk. From the lid, you should be able to make out the outline of where the disk is. Below that is the read/write head actuator. Note a point half way between the centre of the disk where you will be drilling a hole.
+[* black] If you have any difficulty working out where that is, or just want to see inside, you can unscrew the lid.
+ [* black] You will generally need a Torx screwdriver. There are usually 6 screws around the perimeter of the drive. Remove these.
+ [* black] Most laptop drives have one more screw under the label. You will need to locate it by feel, or by viewing it with the light at just the right angle.
+ [* black] Scrape away the label from around the screw head, using a craft knife or similar. Under the label there is likeley to be a layer of foil. Scrape this away as well, revealing the screw head. Remove the screw.
+ [* black] Desktop drives may have more screws, which you will have to locate and remove in the same way.
+ [* black] Once you have remove all the screws you should be able to prise off the lid. A rubber seal may make it a little reluctant to come off.