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[* black] Our midrange unit comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports and two regular USB-C ports. That's twice as many as the base model, but still slim pickings.
[* black] Is it just us or are we about to enter the Matrix? That power port looks eerily similar to a [link||headjack|new_window=true]. Reality is an illusion!
[* black] Commentary on strength of that magnet(?) connection welcome
-[* black] The foot has markings as usual, made in thailand feels new? Due to China sanctions, i'm sure if it is new. If it feels like the markings are cropped too tightly, there's room on the image for a wider shot
+[* black] The bottom of the foot has regulatory markings as usual, complete with a new A2438 model number, and a unique identifier of EMC 3663.
+ [* black] "Made in Thailand" is a change of pace for the iMac, likely due to tariffs in China. The all-in-one has historically been assembled in China, with some recent models having been built in the States.
[* black] The new iMac is about as thin as two iPads. But unlike those two iPads, Apple didn't forget the headphone jack—it's on the side this time, because [link||the depth of a headphone jack is greater than the iMac's thickness|new_window=true], if you can believe it.