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Düzenleyen: Nina Steinhaeuser

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Nina Steinhaeuser


Adım Satırları

-[* black] Using the edge of a set of tweezers or a metal spudger, gently pry the earpiece speaker contact cable up, to separate this portion of the camera and sensor cable from the adhesive below.
-[* icon_caution] ***Only pry directly under the earpiece speaker contacts***—there are sensors and microchips that can be damaged by prying elsewhere.
+[* black] 用镊子把粘在屏幕上的排线轻轻撬起。
+[* icon_caution] 注意,只要撬金属触点的下方位置,否则的话你很可能会屏幕。