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+[* black] Now open the bleed screw and watch as fluid begins to flow.
+[* black] If you're flushing the system leave the line open until you see fresh fluid coming out. Tip - buy fluid a different color than that currently in your car. Doing so makes it very easy to tell when the fresh fluid reaches the end of the line.
+[* black] If you're bleeding your system you'll want to leave the nipple open until you no longer see any air bubbles at all coming out of the bleed nipple.
+[* black] Repeat steps 5 and 6 on all four wheels using the sequence noted in step 4. It's recommended to go through the entire sequence twice.
+[* icon_caution] Be sure to keep an eye on the power bleeder during this process. Do not let it de-pressurize or run dry; either can allow air to enter the system and you'll need to start bleeding all over.

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