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[* black] With the front panel mostly stripped down, we finally get to display removal.
- [* icon_note] "Finally" because we've grown accustomed to Apple's [guide|10525|return to the display-out-first iPhone assembly|stepid=38274], greatly simplifying display repairs.
+ [* icon_note] "Finally" because we've gotten accustomed to Apple's [guide|10525|display-out-first iPhone assembly|stepid=38274]—which greatly simplifies display repairs—so we’re not sure why some manufacturers insist on burying both the screen and the battery. At least make one easy to replace!
[* black] Liberal heat around the edges of the glass and we're able to easily slide an opening pick around the perimeter, separating the adhesive.
[* black] ...A little too easily, in fact, as we discovered the exact ***wrong place*** to slice and dice, severing the digitizer cable.
[* icon_note] Feel free to thank us for our noble sacrifice, breaking our phone so you don't have to.