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[* icon_caution] '''++ATTENTION!++''' Must very caution to open screen because there are adhesive on edge. Must use heat pad or hair dryer to make adhesive become soft then careful to open with this tool. Otherwise LCD are very fragile and easy to break.
[* black] Suddenly, things are looking grim. The S5's forefather, the [guide|13947|S4|new_window=true], took to the teardown table like a protocol droid to an oil bath.
[* black] This time though, it seems the entire display assembly stands in the way of any further tinkering.
[* black] With no other recourse, we call in our fixer muscle, [product|IF145-198-2|iOpener|new_window=true] and [product|IF145-123-2|Opening Pick|new_window=true]—perhaps better known by their street names, Heat and Force.
[* black] This is looking dire. What happened, Samsung? I thought we were friends.
[* black] Have you been hanging out with the [guide|18351|Kindle Fire HDX|stepid=52955]?