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9. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Tina Ramirez

Düzenlenme reddedildi tarafından Jeff Suovanen


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[title] Step 9
[* icon_caution] Don't forget to carefully remove the menu & back key sensors still attached if you are not planning to replace the charger port dock flex cable! Do this before trying to remove the screen away from the midframe!
[* black] With the display thusly removed, we just have to convince it to part with its home button. We let our plastic opening tool do the talking.
[* black] Say goodbye to the sticky adhesive tape holding the screen down. Reinstalling your display will most likely require a fresh set of adhesive.
[* red] This little display assembly cable has a lot of bits to ferry. It's helped out by a Synaptics S5100A touchscreen controller.
[* icon_note] This is a fairly radical change in design for the S-series. We're used to seeing internal components riding on the back of a large display assembly. The S5 turns this on its head and sandwiches the components between the display and the battery, in their own difficult-to-access compartment.