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14. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Philip Le Riche

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[title] ElostomericElastomeric (ZEBRA) connectors
[title] ElostomericElastomeric (ZEBRA) connectors
[* black] These are often found in pocket calculators, DECT phones and other devices with a simple monochrome 7-segment or low resolution graphic display. They are used to connect the conductive tracks on the glass of an LCD to a set of pads on a circuit board below. These displays sometimes suffer from dead segments or rows of pixels.
[* black] In the photo, the reflection of the room light shows up the conductive traces on the glass of the LCD. Beneath this is the elastomeric strip, and hidden beneath that are the tracks on the circuit board, in the same patterns as the ones on the glass.
[* black] The elastomeric strip consists of conductive and non-conductive layers which alternate along its length. There are several for every connection to the LCD, eliminating the need for precise alignment.
[* black] Screws or twisted metal tabs commonly secure a metal frame which compresses the elastomeric strip between the LCD and the circuit board. Release these to remove the LCD display and the elastomeric strip.
[* black] It may help to squeeze the elastomeric strip width-wise so as to expand its height, or simply refitting, ensuring that the frame excerts the maximim pressure on it may help.