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Düzenleyen: Erik Tennant

Düzenlenme reddedildi tarafından Andrew Optimus Goldheart


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[* black] No matter—out go the first round of screws, thanks to our [product|IF145-239|Pro Tech Screwdriver Set.|new_window=true]
[* black] But it's not over yet! The One deals us a one-two punch with some hidden screws.
[* black] NOTE: There are THREE (3) hidden screws with rubber stoppers. Be sure and get all of them.
[* icon_reminder] We don't take kindly to screws hidden under rubber stoppers around here. And that last screw is sporting a white sticker on its head, now forever maimed by our screwdriver, proving that we've been inside…''tampering.''
[* black] The device hasn't proven especially difficult to enter, but small deterrents like hidden and tamper-evident screws never sit well with us.