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Düzenleyen: Geoff Wacker

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[* black] The IR projector is tucked within the camera assembly, but our trusty tweezers make removing it a breeze.
[* icon_note] An IR projector provides infrared light that other (non-RGB) cameras can use to get a sense of an area in 3D space.
[* black] Curious how this works? We've got you covered. [guide|23835|Science with iFixit|stepid=62129|new_window=true] is ready to satisfy all of your IR curiosities.
[* icon_reminder] ''From Google: "The IR projector is from [|Mantis Vision|new_window=true], and designed specific to our specs for field of view and resolution. It is custom designed to work in partnership with the 4MP RGB-IR camera on the other side."''
[* black] Looks like we found out what the "cam glue" marking meant! The two rear-facing cameras are hot-glued to the camera assembly, making replacement difficult.