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Düzenleyen: Andrew Optimus Goldheart

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[* black] Mapping an entire space in 3D requires a hefty source of power. Luckily the Project Tango tablet has just that.
[* icon_reminder] ''From Google: "The battery is custom designed to be dual cell for max power drawn when necessary—again, we want no compromises for the developer wanting to pull juice and kick out heat."''
[* black] A bit of light adhesive is all that anchors the battery to the front panel assembly.
[* black] The dual-cell 7.6 V Li-ion Polymer battery is rated at around 18 Wh of energy, well over the [guide|23835|Tango Phone|stepid=61460]'s already-hefty 11.1 Wh.
[* icon_note] For a relevant consumer tablet comparison, the [guide|16072|Nexus 7 2nd Generation|stepid=50276] featured a 15 Wh battery.