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[* icon_note] An iPhone first: Interestingly enough, the storage capacity is not etched on the outer case of the iPhone 4.
[* black] We'd expect our 32 GB iPhone 4 to fulfill its promise and give us, well, 32 GB. Unfortunately it has an actual capacity of 29.06 GB.
[* icon_note] Given the fact that 301 MB of "other" data is being stored in memory, this leaves the user with ***28.77 GB*** of free space.
[* black] In terms of OS, the iPhone 4 comes preinstalled with the newly released iPhone OS 4, build 8A293.
+[* black] The iPhone 4 is Model A1332. Interestingly, that's a lower number than the [guide|2374|A1337 iPad 3G].