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-[* icon_reminder] ***Pay close attention! This snagged me the first time I worked on this amp!***
-[* black] There is a ***small plastic pin*** helping to hold the faceplate on the unit. This is a royal pain to remove so take your time. Once you remove it put it in the trash. it's plenty stable without it.
+[title] Remove the plastic retention pin on the faceplate
+[* icon_reminder] ***Special note: There is a plastic pin from the factory here. You will have to remove it to remove the faceplate.***
+[* black] If the unit has never been worked on, there will be a small plastic pin here. Take your time to get this out, since it can be quite difficult. If you break it in the process, you can get away without replacing it if you do not want to replace it. However, you should try not to break it if you can help it.

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