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[title] Remove the iPod Direct board
-[* icon_reminder] ***Depending on if your receiver includes the iPod Direct option or not, a different procedure is required.***
-[* black] ***iPod Direct:*** On iPod Direct receivers, remove all 4 screws marked. Once this is done, set the screws, support structure and PCB aside.
-[* black] ***Non iPod Direct:*** On non iPod Direct receivers, remove the Green and Red screws. Your receiver is unlikely to have the additional screws because they are not required.
+[* icon_caution] ***This procedure will be different for non iPod Direct receivers.***
+[* black] ***iPod Direct:*** Remove all 4 marked screws. Remove the support piece and PCB. Set the screws aside in a sage location.
+[* black] ***Non iPod Direct:*** Remove the ***Green*** and ***Red*** screws. ***No additional screws need to be removed.***