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-[title] Spray contact cleaner in the faulty switch
-[* black] With the board partially removed, you have enough access to fix the problem. Get a can of contact cleaner, and spray it in the potentiometer that is causing problems. DeoxIT is recommended, but equivalent products should also work. Once you have sprayed the potentiometer, turn it several times.
-[* icon_note] You do not need a lot of contact cleaner to fix this issue, most likely. Only use one or two sprays, as this is usually sufficient. If you have to do it a second time, the potentiometer may be faulty beyond repair. A new board is needed for these units.
+[title] Spray contact cleaner in the faulty potentiometer
+[* icon_reminder] A little contact cleaner goes a long way. You should not need more then 1-2 small bursts of contact cleaner to get the switch to function. If more then 2 sprays are required, consider purchasing a replacement board.
+[* black] With the control board mostly removed, spray contact cleaner into the potentiometer. While you can use any contact cleaner, DeoxIT is your best option as most formulations are anti corrosive. Once you have sprayed contact cleaner into the potentiometer, turn it several times.