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-[* black] Pull the board out and shoot a little Deoxit in the switch. After this, turn it several times to lubricate the switch.
-[* icon_note] Be careful not to use too much, but don't use too little. I would not put more then 2-3 sprays in the switch. You may need 3-4, but only do it if need be.
+[title] Spray contact cleaner in the faulty switch
+[* black] With the board removed, you can now fix the problem. Spray a small amount of contact cleaner in the switch. You should use Deoxit if you can, but any contact cleaner should work on these switches. out and shoot a little Deoxit in the switch. Once done, turn the switch to lubricate it.
+[* icon_note] You will not need a lot to do this. A small spray will be enough. In the event it isn't, only spray a little in the second time. You should not try more then 3 sprays as anything more then 3 usually indicates this fix will not work and you need a new board.