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[title] Wipe away any excess contact cleaner
[* icon_caution] The only reliable long term fix for this problem is a replacement board. The reason for this is there is no way to tell if your board will keep working for years or fail again.
[* icon_caution] While you can reassemble the unit right away, it should not be plugged in for ~30 minutes-1 hour. This will allow any leftover contact cleaner to dry.
[* icon_reminder] If you cut the ziptie, put a new one on when the faceplate is reinstalled on the receiver. If you do not have one available, the wires can be tucked behind the fan in a way they won't easily fall out and jam the fan. ***Note:*** Failure to do this may result in protection mode problems. If this happens the wires should be ziptied to avoid problems.
-[* black] If any contact cleaner got on the board, wipe it off before reassembling the unit. Once this is dry, reassemble the receiver.
+[* black] Wipe off any excess contact cleaner that got on the PCB. Once the volume control board is dry, reinstall the volume control board into the front panel.