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-[* black] Remove the front panel by pushing on the clips holding it in. Do this for both sides.
-[* icon_note] You may find it handy to clip the zipties on the fan if you need the extra work room. The cables are very tight in this, and sometimes the zipties on the fan need to be cut. Just be sure to follow my advice on this in the last step
+[title] Unclip the faceplate
+[* black] Remove the faceplate. Push on both tabs and push forward. The faceplate will tilt forward, as shown in the pictures.
+[* icon_note] If you are finding the constraints to be limited in this state, you can clip the zip ties used by the factory on the fan. If you do this, make sure you replace the zip ties or the cables will eventually get caught in the fan and go into protection mode because it cannot run the cooling fan.