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15. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Kyle Wiens

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[* black] Apple TV Repairability: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)
[* green] Relatively easy to open case that can be easily reassembled.
[* green] Separate power supply board that can be replaced independently of the logic board.
[* green] Simple design - there's 6 pieces!
[* green] Relatively common fasteners (Phillips and T6 Torx) found throughout.
[* yellow] Thermal pads rather than thermal paste means no messy cleanup.
[* red] Lots of expensive electronics housed on one singular board means that if one fries, the board is toast.
[* black] The ease of repairing this device, integrated high-efficiency power supply, low 6-watt power consumption, and efficient stand-by mode lead us to believe this may be the most eco-friendly set-top box of all time!