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[* black] Tools needed: Allen wrench or regular wrench
- [* red] For an Allen wrench: head will be placed in this socket for loosening and tightening. The socket can be found on the vertical face of the pedal arm within the green box.
- [* yellow] For a regular wrench, the head will be placed upon this nut for loosening and tightening.
- [* icon_note] Closer views of these locations are provided in the extra pictures.
+ [* red] If using an Allen Wrench, insert head into socket located on pedal. Picture 2, Shown in Red
+ [* yellow] If using a Smart Wrench, place jaws on the nut located between the pedal and pedal arm. Picture 3, Shown in Yellow.
+ [* icon_note] For loosening, turn the Right pedal counter-clockwise and the Left pedal clockwise.
[* black] After several rotations in the loosening direction the pedal will become unsecured and able to be removed from its socket.