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-[* black] Insert the specified wrench into the socket and turn it counterclockwise while holding onto the pedal until it comes loose, then remove it.
- [* icon_note] The two pedals on a bike are actually secured through opposite rotational directions from one another.
+[* black] In this step you will be checking for damage to the junction where the pedal is secured to the bicycle.
+[* red] Look at the interior of the socket to make sure it has not been stripped or damaged in any way.
+[* orange] If there is nothing visibly wrong with the socket, do the same with the securing screw on the pedal.
+[* black] If there is damage, such as, significant chips or rust build up, please refer to guides dealing with the specific problem topic.
+[* black] If there is no significant visible damage continue on to the next step.