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4. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* icon_reminder] Line up the pedal with its socket and begin to turn it in the correct tightening direction that was specified at the beginning of the guide.
[* icon_note] Placement of the wrenches for tightening can be found in the picture and are consistent with the directions from step 2.
[* red] This is the regular wrench holding on to the pedal's securing hex-nut.
- [* orange] This is the Allen wrench in the bolt socket.
+ [* yellow] This is the Allen wrench in the bolt socket.
[* black] Once the pedal is partially secured from the initial rotations, use your wrench to continue tightening.
[* icon_reminder] Each pedal has different directions for tightening which were noted previously in step 1.
[* black] Once resistance is felt, you will want to turn the pedal about 1/8 of a rotation more for proper tightness.
[* icon_caution] Do not crank on the wrench to tighten the pedal further. This can lead to a stuck pedal in the future.