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[* black] The Force is with us. Well, the Force Touch trackpad that is.
[* black] [|Hinted at as far back as 2007|new_window=true], we finally have our hands on the Taptic Engine, which provides the haptic feedback for the Force Touch.
[* icon_note] Confused? Let's break these ridiculous rhymes down. Haptic feedback is just a fancy way of saying that the trackpad will use vibration and pressure to let you know what's happening. "Taptic Engine" is Apple's term for the underlying electromagnet that make it shake, rattle, and roll.
[* black] Tl;dr: rumble pack.
[* black] A more recent patent issued [|last year|new_window=true] hints that the Force Touch might utilize the long rumored introduction piezoelectric materials.
[* black] According to Apple, the four force sensors on the Force Touch detect a click on the surface of the trackpad and move it toward the user.