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+[* black] Let's take a gander under the hood of the Taptic Engine, shall we?
[* black] The rubber we hoped to simply cut open, needed to be cut away [|chunk by chunk.|new_window=true]
[* black] The coils are free! Well, bare at least.
+[* black] In order to give you that [|E.T. experience|new_window=true], Apple used state-of-the-art technology—of 1824. Cue: the electromagnet. Made of wire coils around a ferromagnetic core, the electromagnet in the Force Touch Trackpad is used to create the "tactile" feedback, a.k.a. vibration, you feel.
+[* icon_note] We're guessing that the four separate coils here are used to vary of the feedback given to the user. Turning off and on different sets of the four coils varies the strength and direction of the vibration and how it feels on your finger.