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[* black] Let's continue unraveling the secrets of the trackpad, starting with the coils—we were hoping to find some evidence of linear oscillators in the taptic engine, but it looks like it's just a series of electromagnets.
[* black] The magnets rapidly push and pull against a metal plate mounted beneath the trackpad, to create a tiny "buzz" of feedback with each click and (and a slightly bigger bigger buzz for a "force click").
[* black] My how the times have changed and how far we've come. Back in our day it took a lot less real estate to sense a click.
[* red] Click sensor 1.0 (a button)
[* orange] Click sensor 2.0 (magic?)
[* black] We're pretty sure the magic pressure sensors involved in the new Force Touch trackpad are tiny [|strain gauges|new_window=true], mounted on flexing metal supports to detect the amount of force behind a click or press.
[* black] This works in conjunction with the traditional capacitative touchpad up top, to pinpoint where you're applying force.

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