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[* black] Removing the trackpad from the bracket requires slicing through four pads of glue.
[* black] With the pad splayed open, we get our first look at the pressure sensors.
[* black] And popping the sensor bracket under a microscope, we get a second, closer look.
[* icon_note] Based on the wiggly pattern of traces stuck to the metal tabs, we're pretty sure the magic pressure sensors in the new Force Touch trackpad are tiny [|strain gauges|new_window=true]. Mounted on flexing metal supports, they detect the amount of flex on each—and based on that, the force from above.
[* black] This works in conjunction with the traditional capacitive touchpad up top, to pinpoint where you're applying force.
[* icon_note] '''Be sure to check out our in-depth video analysis of the [|Force Touch trackpad|new_window=true]!'''