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Düzenleyen: Sam Goldheart

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[* black] Reminiscent of the [guide|38300|Macbook Pro 13" Retina|stepid=86948|new_window=true] released in March, this MacBook comes equipped with the fancy Force Touch trackpad. We disconnect the trackpad/keyboard cable for a little more maneuvering room.
[* black] With the springy trackpad/keyboard cable disconnected, we can fold the whole enchilada flat on the table. Time to survey the field and see what we're up against this time.
[* black] Next up: newfangled clips and posts!
[* icon_note] If Apple's vision for the future includes notebooks that snap together Lego-style, that would be [|awesome!|new_window=true] We hope the rest of this new MacBook comes apart just as easily.

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