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[* black] Controller evolution, game console style.
[* black] Top to bottom:
- [* black] Original [[Topic:Xbox|Xbox]] Controller, [[Topic:Microsoft Kinect|Kinect]]
+ [* black] Original [[Topic:Xbox|Xbox]] Controller S, [[Topic:Microsoft Kinect|Kinect]]
[* black] [[Topic:Nintendo_Game_Console|Nintendo]] [[Topic:Nintendo Virtual Boy|Virtual Boy]], [[Topic:Nintendo Wii|Wiimote]]
[* black] Original [[Topic:PlayStation|Sony PlayStation]] controller, [[Topic:PlayStation Move|PlayStation Move]].
[* black] We love that the world is at the point where we're not upgrading our computers as often. Instead, we're upgrading sensors so the computer understands more about us.
[* black] Adding Kinect to an Xbox is like adding sonar to a submarine—sure, you could drive it around before, but now it can see where it's going. OK, that's a rather stretched analogy. You get the idea.