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10. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* black] We've finally found the Kinect's eyes.
[* black] Two cameras and an IR projector.
[* black] Left: (IR CMOS) Microsoft / X853750001 / VCA379C7130
[* black] Center: (Color CMOS) VNA38209015
[* black] Right: (IR Projector) OG12 / 0956 / D306 / JG05A
-[* icon_note] This picture is of the device upside down, so these labels are swapped from what you would see looking at the Kinect.
[* black] These are not tiny, cell-phone cameras— they're closer to the camera you might find in a webcam, with large lenses and autofocus.
[* black] We can't independently confirm the resolution of the cameras yet, but [|Microsoft claims] that the infrared cam is 320x240 and the RGB cam is 640x480.