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[* black] Samsung Galaxy Tab Repairability: '''6 out of 10''' (10 is easiest to repair)
[* green] All of the components are accessible without soldering.
[* green] The battery is user-replaceable.
[* yellow] Tri-wing screws were used to deter would-be repairers, but can be easily thwarted with [product|IF145-028|one] [product|IF145-022|of] [product|IF145-028|iFixit's] [product|IF145-022|bit] [product|IF145-028|driver] [product|IF145-022|kits].
[* red] A heat gun is required to access the LCD.
[* red] Getting the Galaxy Tab open is quite a chore; plastic opening tools alone are not enough to do the trick.
[* black] Much like its competitor, the [guide|2374|iPad 3G], the Samsung Galaxy Tab didn't stand a chance against iFixit's crafty handywork.
[* black] That's it! Thanks again to Richard Lai @ Engadget for getting us the hardware.