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9. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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Adım Satırları

[* red] Using the tweezers, remove the eight ribbon connectors along the sides of the motherboard.
+[* red] The small ribbon connector at the very top has a small gray clamping flap. This needs to be flipped up to pull the cable out. Out of all of the ribbon connectors outlined in red in the picture, this is the only one that has the gray clamping flap. It is exactly the same as the clamping flap for the circle pad.
[* orange] Three of the ribbon connectors have plastic clamping flaps that cover the ribbon to prevent slippage. Use the tweezers to flip them up before ribbon removal.
+ [* orange] The third flap furthest on the right is black; this is the part that is hinged that you need to flip to remove the cable; the other two hinged flaps, the one on the left and the one in the middle, are white.
[* icon_caution] Do ***not*** flip up the other flaps; they are not locks and will break.
[* icon_reminder] When reassembling the device, be sure to flip the ZIF clamps back down.
[* icon_note] While the SD card reader is shown as removed in this photo, it is optional for the removal of the motherboard.