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3. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Alex Lin

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[* icon_note] Note: It is recommended that step 3 and step 4 be completed simultaneously. The tabs are identical just on opposite sides.
[* black] From the front of the printer, there is a tab in the lower left corner. This tab is more difficult to remove. Push in towards the blue sticker of the printer while pulling up on the case at the same time.
[* blue] Viewing the tab hole from the bottom of the printer.
[* yellow] Zoomed in on the tab hole. You will need to insert one of the recommended tools into the marked hole to completely release the tab.
[* icon_caution] This tab is the easiest to break so be very careful! Try not to apply to much force. Yes, this process is very frustrating, but try to relax.