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[* black] Unfortunately for repair-minded folks like ourselves, the battery contains none of those nifty [guide|52599|adhesive pull tabs|stepid=115488|new_window=true] found in the larger iPad Pro (and in every iPhone since the 5s). So, removing it is a sticky affair.
[* black] Maybe next time Apple? Pretty please?
[* black] What the battery does contain is a rating of 3.82 V, 27.91 Whr, and 7,306 mAh, amounting to an expected 10-hour battery life.
[* icon_note] As expected, that's quite a bit less than the 10,307 mAh capacity of the larger iPad Pro—but, it's also less than the [guide|30592|iPad Air 2|stepid=71659], whose battery weighed in at 7,340 mAh.
[* black] We're about to leave the case at that, but we try another poke at the Smart connector, hoping for an easier extraction than [guide|52599|last time|stepid=115515|new_window=true]. No such luck.
[* black] Aaaand the rest of the stuff: lower speakers, various antennas, buttons, headphone jack etc