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+[title] Top assembly - 4
[* black] Lift off the top assembly. If it won't come then one or more of the clips has probably re-engaged.
[* icon_caution] Note the large cylindrical flash capacitor. Even after many hours it may still retain a dangerous high voltage charge. Please read on!
[* red] The capacitor contacts are shown in the second photo. DO NOT TOUCH! You can discharge the capacitor by shorting them out with a small insulated handle screwdriver, but be prepared for a very healthy spark! (You really woudn't want that going through your fingers, would you?)
[* black] Or for preference, take two insulated crocodile clip leads, connect one end of each to a 100k resistor and hold the other ends on the contacts for at least 10 seconds. Take great care not to touch the metal of the crocodile clips or the resistor wires. Measure the voltage between the contacts and don't proceed unless it has fallen below 20V.