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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[title] Controls board
+[* black] Remove a single screw from the controls board. (It is not necessary to release the small ribbon from its socket on the other side.)
+[* black] With a spudger, the controls board can now be lifted off the pegs which retain it within the top assembly.
+[* black] On the hidden side of th board is a small rechargeable lithium cell which maintains the time and settings when the main battery has been removed. Measure its voltage.
+[* black] If the voltage reads less than 2V it may be permanently damaged and will be unable to maintain the time or settings over a main battery change. It is very important to replace it only by another rechargeable lithium cell, not a regular lithium button cell, which would probably leak and cause damage.
+[* black] On reassembly you may have to rotate the function wheel until it engages with the function switch on the board.