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6. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* icon_caution] Before you release any fluid from the brake lines, make sure that the free end of the bleed tube is safely pointed at some kind of reservoir. A glass bottle works great.
[* black] Using a '''11 mm''' wrench in your left hand, open the bleed valve on the front brake cylinder.
[* black] The built up pressure in the lines will force some of the brake fluid out of the lines.
[* black] Continue to force more brake fluid out of the brake lines by depressing the front brake lever with your right hand.
[* black] Once the brake lever is completely depressed, quickly close the bleed valve, making sure that no air bubbles enter into the brake lines.
[* icon_caution] While bleeding the brakes, focus on the bleeder hose. If you see an air bubble traveling up the bleed hose, close the bleed valve immediately, and begin the process again.