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+[* black] Start the bike and check it for leaks. If there are leaks, shut the bike off and determine if the drain plug or filter need to be tightened, or if a part has been damaged.
+[* black] After running the engine for a few minutes, let it cool down for at least an hour and re-check the oil level. If the oil level completely fills the oil level view port you will need to drain some of the oil. If the oil level is below the bottom notch you will need to add oil.
+[* black] Allow 12-24 hours for all the oil to drain out of your old oil filter.
+[* black] Take your old oil and filter to a recycling facility. Most auto parts stores and repair shops accept these at no charge. In addition, some cities and/or counties have a service where they will collect used oil and filters from your home. For more information, see the American Petroleum Institute's web page [|on used motor oil collection and recycling.]

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