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[* black] When compared to the [guide|4977|Samsung Galaxy S 4G], the Micro USB port has been relocated from the top to the bottom of the Epic 4G Touch. Sadly, they also removed the [guide|4977|sliding door|stepid=22347] that keeps it free from lint and micro dust bunnies.
+[* black] The Epic has slightly more girth than its overseas counterpart, the Galaxy S II. At 9.65 mm and 4.55 ounces, the Epic seems to have gained a millimeter and a half-ounce during its trip to the U.S.
[* black] The Galaxy S II that is available overseas features only three buttons on the front, including a physical home button. Our yankee version, however, has four capacitive touch function buttons, like many Android devices sold here.
[* icon_note] If the yankee-added search button is the bane of your existence, you may always opt for an unlocked version of the original Galaxy S II.