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[* black] The user-removable back cover comes off quite easily with some prying.
[* black] We love phones with batteries that are easy to replace, and this device fits that mold.
[* black] The 1800 mAH Li-ion battery in the Samsung Epic 4G Touch has a claimed battery life of 8.7 hours of continuous talk time and 10.5 days on standby.
- [* icon_note] Compare this with the Galaxy S II's 1650 mAh battery.
+ [* icon_note] Compare this with the [guide|5861|Galaxy S II's 1650 mAh battery.|stepid=26037]
[* icon_note] For those of you who prefer real world battery life tests, [|Engadget's reviewers] easily managed 12 hours of moderate usage without any need to charge the battery.