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[* black] We finally have the much-anticipated iPhone 4S in our hands, and it sure is looking mighty fine!
[* black] Sticking with last year's rectangular design, the 4S looks very much like the iPhone 4 and sports the same stainless steel bezels around its perimeter.
[* icon_note] Apple has supposedly fixed the antenna issue that emerged immediately following the release of the iPhone 4. Does this mean we won't be receiving a [|free case] this year? Bummer!
[* black] The SIM slot is [guide|4693|back!|stepid=21237]. Since the iPhone 4S is a world phone, it will support both GSM and CDMA networks. Regardless of your carrier, you can be sure that the micro-SIM slot will be there to accept your GSM micro-SIM cards, as well as any CDMA "[|roaming SIM]."